Kofi Kingston Believes Jon Jones Has The Skills And Attitude To Fit In WWE

Image via Twitter

Current WWE Champion Kofi Kingston recently spoke with TMZ Sports where he revealed he is a bit of a fanboy of former UFC Champion Jon Jones. Kingston also spoke on Jones’ possible chances in the WWE.

According to Kingston, he randomly saw Jones in an airport and just had to ask if he could have a picture taken.

“We were at the airport getting ready to go to Europe, and somebody was taking a picture of me—smiling for their selfie, and I see Jon Jones, and I’m like, ‘Oh! Excuse me for one second. Hey, Jon, can I get a picture?'” Kingston told TMZ Sports.

According to Kingston, Jones was very laid-back and humble and obliged. He considers Jones one of the greatest fighters of all time and is full of praise for the former UFC Champ.

“It’s always awesome when you see somebody on television that you appreciate and then you see them in real life and they’re a good person, too. It was a real honor meeting him,” said Kingston.

Kingston also believes that Jones has the skills to make it in the WWE, or even just make a good guest appearance – maybe alongside the New Day.

“He’s definitely got the height, he’s got the skill—and from what I see—he’s got the right attitude, but we’ll see,” said Kingston.

“I think a lot of people would love to see Jon Jones in there. We’ll have to see what his hips look like if we wanted to put him in the New Day, you know what I’m saying?” he joked.

You can check out the rest of Kingston’s interview with TMZ Sports in the video below: