Kofi Kingston Claims That The New Day Would “Walk Out” If WWE Tried To Split Them Up

Kofi Kingston the new day
Image via Cagesideseats.com

The New Day have been together now for a number of years and throughout that run, they have become Tag Team Champions on both Raw and SmackDown Live.

The trio also broke the longest reigning Tag Team Championship record back in 2016 and a few weeks ago, Kofi became the longest reigning Tag Team Champion when it comes to combined reigns.

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The trio are the reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions and recently defeated The Bar in Australia at WWE Super Show-Down, but it’s reaching the point where the trio is running out of competition.

Despite this, Kofi Kingston recently spoke to GiveMeSport where he assured fans that the trio were not thinking of going their separate ways.

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“If they [WWE] attempt to break us up, we would walk out and that’s the last you would ever see of the New Day, so they definitely don’t want to do that because we sell too much good merch and they need us on the roster!”

Kingston is half right with his comments since The New Day are one of WWE’s biggest merchandise sellers, but there were reports earlier this year that the company was looking to push Big E without the rest of the group but obviously, this didn’t happen.

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Groups or tag teams in WWE rarely last very long so at some point The New Day will be forced to go their separate ways, but it’s interesting to see how much the three men have bonded together throughout their time as a team and it means that it could be hard for the WWE Universe to adjust to them as singles stars when a split finally happens.