Kofi Kingston Creates History At WrestleMania 35, John Cena Returns As Doctor Of Thuganomics

Kofi Kingston Creates History At WrestleMania 35

Kofi Kingston‘s 11 years of blood, sweat and tears finally paid off when he pinned Daniel Bryan to become the new WWE Champion at WrestleMania 35.

Kingston made history as he became the second African-American to ever hold the WWE Championship (following Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and first native African to flaunt the top prize that debuted in 1963.

For the first time in his career, Kingston got a shot at the WWE Title. With the locker room rooting for Kofi in the back, Xavier Woods and Big E constantly rallied their New Day buddy as they took out Rowan at ringside.

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The match heated up really fast and the crowd was all behind Kofi.

Several nearfalls, high-risk maneuvers, false finishers ultimately leading to Kingston planting Bryan with a Trouble In Paradise to capture his first WWE Championship.

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Post-pinfall, Big E and Woods dumped the eco-friendly wooden championship belt and unveiled a brand new WWE Title that was thereafter handed to Kofi.

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John Cena Returns As Doctor Of Thuganomics

Word Life graced the 82,000+ strong MetLife Stadium as John Cena showed up in his Doctor Of Thuganomics gimmick at WrestleMania 35.

Elias positioned himself in the middle of the ring to deliver his concert as promised. A video of Baby Ruth hitting a home run played on the gigantic entrance screen interrupting Elias’ musical performance.

The video soon transitioned into the 16-time World Champion’s entrance who came out in his Thuganomics gear with his World Life theme blasting the arena.

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For the next few minutes, Cena verbally ripped Elias apart with his freestyle rap before punching The Drifter and delivering a Five Knuckle Shuffle followed by an FU.

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The Doctor Is Here!

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