Kofi Kingston Hints At Potential Bischoff vs Heyman Brand War In WWE

Survivor Series 2019 could see the new Executive Directors going to battle

Image via cbssports.com

Paul Heyman is actively leading the charge on Monday Night RAW as the new Executive Director of the red brand. On the other hand, Eric Bischoff is taking a look around and will execute his duties as the Executive Director of SmackDown Live after the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

During a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston talked about the hype surrounding Heyman and Bischoff in lead roles on respective brands.

“First of all, it’s amazing news it almost goes to a fantasy booking situation. Who would have ever thought we’d see Eric Bischoff or Paul Heyman back on the WWE roster in power — people in authority over the head writers of RAW and SmackDown, I think it’s amazing.”

“These are guys who have made careers on thinking outside of the box. I think he [Eric] is going to bring a lot to the table.” 

Kingston is highly optimistic about the future of SmackDown Live with Bischoff at the helm as he plans to “mix it up” with Uncle E.

“I’m looking forward to actually mixing it up with Eric Bischoff. He’s one of the guys I have’t had an opportunity to meet. Now we’re going to be regularly talking to each other as far as the show is concerned. So I’m looking forward to picking the brains of one of the more creative people in the history of this industry, one of the more influential people. You know I’ve been able to do that with Paul Heyman on a few different occasions and now it’s like we have RAW and SmackDown.”

Survivor Series is the one night of the year when RAW and SmackDown go head-to-head in competition with the General Managers playing an active role in the build-up and overall storyline. But now that GM’s are no longer a thing on the main roster, it could be the Executive Directors going to war at the “Big 4” PPV.

Kofi seemingly thinks likewise as he hinted at a potential brand war between Heyman’s RAW and Bischoff’s SmackDown.

“I guess we’re under the same team everybody on the SmackDown roster wants to have a better show than the RAW roster and vice versa so we almost have Eric Bischoff vs Paul Heyman — what is going on?”