Kofi Kingston Looking Forward To Rematch With Randy Orton, Big E Not Interested In Visiting The White House

Image via WWE

Current WWE Champion Kofi Kingston is ready for his match against Randy Orton tonight at SummerSlam.

In a video posted by WWE, Kingston spoke about feeling confident and “on top of the world” despite the hectic schedule of the busy SummerSlam weekend.

“I feel like $100, I feel like I’m on top of the world. Yea, i said $100. $100 is a lot of money. I feel good, you know, I got my family here, in Toronto we had a good week, a lot of different activities, media and interviews, and shows to do, lots of going-ons and happenings here,” said Kingston.

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Kingston mentioned that he’s been waiting to face Orton again for a long time and he’s prepared for it. No matter how busy his other duties have kept him.

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“I’ve been preparing for the last decade. It’s more of a mental preparation and I don’t need to just sit around and do nothing to think about this. By doing things, the week is kind of standard, especially when you have a big weekend like a SummerSlam where it’s just go, go, go,” Kingston.

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Big E Would Not Accept An Invite To The Trump White House

Kingston’s New Day compatriot and current SmackDown Tag Team Champion Big E has been making the media rounds this SummerSlam weekend.

In an interview with The Irish Mirror’s Donagh Corby, Big E stated that he wouldn’t be interested in being invited to The White House by current President and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump.

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Speaking for his New Day compatriots, E said that they were “not a big fan of what is going on with this administration”.

“We have a lot of problems in our country… it’s a beautiful country and there is a lot to celebrate, and applaud, just a lot of the rhetoric that comes out of The White House is something we’re obviously not supportive of,” Big E explained.

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“I have no desire to go to The White House any time soon. … When there’s a man in The White House that we really respect, then I think there might be an opportunity to go,” he added.