Kofi Kingston Officially Breaks Huge WWE Record

Kofi Kingston has been the most dominant Tag Team Champion in WWE over the past decade, which is why the former United States Champion has finally broken Billy Gunn’s long-standing WWE record to become the longest reigning Tag Team Champion in WWE history when it comes to combined reigns.

Gunn held the record for a number of years at 953 days, but today Kingston was able to break his record with 954 days as Tag Team Champion. Kingston has held the title a total of eight times, including his current reign with The New Day and has partnered the likes of R-Truth, CM Punk and Evan Bourne throughout his career.

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Kingston alongside Xavier Woods and Big E broke Demolition’s long-standing record as the longest reigning Tag Team Champions back in 2016, but this achievement is on Kofi Kingston alone, who has grafted in WWE for the past decade to be taken seriously by the authority backstage.

Kingston has also held the United States Championship three times and the Intercontinental Championship on four occasions, but despite being a popular star, he isn’t someone who has ever been pushed into the main event picture.

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Instead, Kingston has accepted his place in the Tag Team Division and made the best of the fact that he has become one of the WWE’s most experienced tag team wrestlers.

Kingston has also become known for his Royal Rumble match escapes over the past few years, but The 37-year-old is now best known for his tag team exploits since he has racked up a number of records over the past few years alongside Woods and Big E.

The New Day will now defend their Tag Team Championships against The Bar in Australia on October 6th.