Kofi Kingston Reveals “Having Words” With Vince McMahon After Losing To Brock Lesnar

Kingston lost to Lesnar in less than 10 seconds


Former WWE Champion and current SmackDown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston gave an interview to talkSPORT where he talked a little about his interactions and relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Kingston said that he and McMahon “had words” after Kingston’s WWE Championship reign ended abruptly with a loss to Brock Lesnar during the premiere of SmackDown on Fox.

“We definitely had some words,” confirmed Kingston.

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While many were upset that Kingston lost his title in what was essentially a squash match, Kingston doesn’t seem as upset. He said that the words he had with the chairman were positive.

According to Kingston, McMahon had been invested in Kingston’s reign and felt that the entire experience was a “special journey” that both of them had been on.

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“It was an emotional journey for all of us, but he’s seen a lot of things in this business and it’s his job to make sure things keep progressing forward and he wanted to go in a different direction right then. So, like I said, I’m just fortunate to have had the experience,” Kingston said.

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Kingston recalled that McMahon had always been supportive of him and his career as well as the careers of his cohorts, the New Day. He also shared a story about the “worst thing” McMahon ever said to him.

According to Kingston, he always thought that the Jamaican accent he put on was bad and that the vignettes put out about him being “Jamaica” were terrible and it turns out so did McMahon.

“It makes me cringe to watch them to this day. At the time, I’d go to the shows and I’d be able to listen to them on the headset while it was going on. And as my vignette comes on, I can hear Vince on the headset and he goes ‘Oh, these are barely, barely passable’,” he recalls.