Kofi Kingston Reveals How He Broke His Jaw on Monday Night Raw

Xavier Woods has been forced to fight Retribution alone in recent weeks since his partner Kofi Kingston is sidelined with a broken jaw.

The former Tag Team Champion reportedly suffered the injury three weeks ago but continued to wrestle despite the pain.

After the injury was revealed, there were several reports regarding the situation and who was responsible, but Kingston has finally broken his silence and revealed that Cedric Alexander knee’d him in the face and caused the injury, on The New Day Feel The Power podcast.

“Back to when I injured my jaw, so I got kneed in the face by Cedric Alexander, three weeks ago [December 28, 2020]. A couple of my teeth were chipped. It was fine. It was cool. The point of impact was really sore. So, I thought, ‘Okay, it’s a bruise or whatever’. The next week, we had a six-man match and everything was fine. A little pain, but not terrible.”

“Then, the next week, right before we went out, it just kept feeling like it was loose. As soon as we get out there to the ring, I’m moving around and now, I’m feeling it kind of come out of place and feel like it wasn’t set in.

“I feel like if the fans were there, I wouldn’t have felt that [pain]. Throughout the whole match, every time something would happen, where I would get hit or whatever, I would just grab my jaw. The entire match, I’m thinking about it the whole time, but if we had fans there, I’d been not necessarily injured, but been hurt in the match. You just feel the adrenaline of the crowd and it just makes you will your way through it. So, I don’t know.”

“It changes the whole dynamic of just how we do what we do and the approach, even. It’s just really, really strange and I don’t know if it’s for the better or the worse. I guess the best way I can describe it is just being different.”

At present, there is no word on when Kingston will make his return, but it appears that when he is cleared, he will step into a feud with Mustafa Ali.