Kofi Kingston Talks NXT Stars That He Would Love To Face, His Need To Face Brock Lesnar

Kingston defends the WWE Championship this Sunday at Stomping Grounds

Image via WWE

Current WWE Champion Kofi Kingston is high on NXT, telling WrestlingAc.com that he thought the recently concluded TakeOver XXV was one of the best shows the NXT roster has had.

Kingston is impressed with the talent in NXT and, when asked who he would like to face when they are called up to main roster, he named several as there is “too much talent to pick”.

“There’s too much talent! Adam Cole is awesome, Johnny Gargano is awesome, Rodrick Strong is awesome, and I can’t mention names because I’ll leave names out!” said Kingston.”

Tyler Breeze, too, is amazing. You know there’s way too much talent for me to pick [who I want to face most]. It’s the same situation, where I’m hoping all of those guys make it up to the roster at some point in time.”

Kingston also spoke about his determination to be a fighting champion and to face current Money In The Bank holder Brock Lesnar.

“I want to go up against everybody! That’s why you saw me on RAW telling Brock Lesnar to cash in his briefcase on me,” Kingston said.

“I want to be the best WWE Champion that I can possibly be and the only way I can do that is by beating the best, so, I will not shy away from Brock Lesnar!” he added.

Currently, Kingston’s greatest challenger is another longtime WWE Superstar who many – including himself – believe is as underrated as Kingston is. Dolph Ziggler has been telling Kingston and the WWE Universe that Kingston’s underdog story leading to winning the WWE championship could have been his. Kingston and Ziggler are slated to clash during Stomping Grounds.

Meanwhile, Lesnar seems to have set his sights more on WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, but, you never know. The briefcase states he can go after either of the WWE’s main titles.

Check out the entire interview with Kingston in the video below: