Kofi Kingston Wants To Fight Shane & Vince McMahon For WWE Championship, Talks Brock Lesnar Cashing In

Kingston has held the WWE Title for more than two months now

Image via WWE

Kofi Kingston is a fighting and hard-working WWE Champion. The 37-year-old Superstar has been enjoying his career’s biggest title reign for over 2 months and has already defended the gold multiple times up until this point.

At Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, Kingston successfully defended the title against heel Dolph Ziggler. Both men will clash for the second time at the upcoming Stomping Grounds pay-per-view (June 23rd). The stakes are higher than ever as Kingston will be defending the WWE Title inside a steel cage.

While Kingston continues to defend his title every other night, he definitely has to look over the shoulder for Brock Lesnar, the very Beast who runs the possibility of cashing in his Money In The Bank contract against him any time, any place.

Lesnar is currently laser-focused on Seth Rollins‘ Universal Championship, but it doesn’t seem like he will be walking that path anymore after the brutal beatdown that he suffered at the hands of The Beastslayer at Super ShowDown. However, it is being speculated that The Beast will certainly be having a successful cash-in against Rollins on June 23rd.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Kofi talked about Lesnar possibly cashing in on him as long as the briefcase is still intact.

“I’m not ruling out Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar showing up on SmackDown and cashing in. Until Brock actually cashes in his contract, there is always a target on my back.”

There are rumors about Shane McMahon becoming the next WWE Champion – and if that happens, then Kofi could be losing his gold way sooner than expected. The worst part is that Shane, a McMahon, would be the one to take the title away from Kingston.

The American-Ghanaian Superstar doesn’t seem to be backing down. Instead, he is up for the challenge and also wants Vince McMahon to step in the ring during the feud.

“I would love to fight Shane, and I would love to get Vince in the ring, too. I think it’s really cool that Shane is in this role of walking the line of an authoritative figure, but, at the same time, is an active superstar. Shane does some pretty crazy things in the ring, as you see in every single match that he has, so I would love to mix it up with him.”