Kurt Angle Defends WWE’s Current Product With TV-PG Format

Will stiff competition from AEW force WWE to deliver a better product?

Image via WWE

For the last 8 months, WWE has been continuously drawing dreadful reviews, scary attendances, record-low viewership ratings and things haven’t yet improved for the better.

The WWE Universe has been lashing out at the horrible storylines and overall poor product for the last couple of years but the company has failed to come up with suitable remedies time and again. Things are even worse now – AEW is providing cut-throat competition and talents have begun to jump ship to the upstart promotion.

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle, however, likes to think otherwise. According to him, WWE is justified in delivering the type of product it currently caters to fans globally, well, from a business standpoint.

During a recent Q&A session on Facebook, The Olympic Gold Medalist stated:

“The shows are about as good as they’re going to be. Keep in mind that WWE is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s bigger than ever. With that comes responsibility. WWE is a publicly traded company that gears toward children and families. During the attitude era, WWE catered to young adults. The storylines were Rated R type storylines. WWE can not do those types of storylines anymore.”

It’s true that WWE can’t do the Rated R Attitude Era storylines anymore but that doesn’t mean that the current TV-PG content has to be gross either.

“And IF they do, it has to be done very carefully. WWE has shareholders that are involved in the product. The shareholders want the company to remain a “family” type show. That’s the difference in writing. As far as the wrestling is concerned, it’s every bit as good now as it ever was. These are strictly my opinions, but I think they’re accurate.”

The return of an edgier product might help WWE in pulling itself out of the pit as that’s what’s “best for (Vince McMahon‘s) business.”