Kurt Angle Explains the Reason Why Brock Lesnar Makes Limited Appearances

Brock Lesnar is known to be on the down-low and doesn’t function normally as other human beings. The Beast allegedly hired a private pilot to take him to WWE shows. Lesnar made arrangements for the pilot to live in his basement itself, according to Lesnar’s good buddy Kurt Angle.

Angle discussed Lesnar’s hate for traveling on his new podcast The Kurt Angle Show. He revealed that traveling was one of the major reasons why he quit pro-wrestling earlier and moved to the NFL where he could stay in one city and train.

“Well, he hated travel so much he bought a private plane so that he wouldn’t have to go to airports. He hired a pilot and his pilot lived in his basement. He set himself up really good and you know he didn’t like to travel.”

“He didn’t want to be on the road all the time. I mean, that’s the reason why he stopped wrestling. That’s why he tried out for pro football. The NFL, because he wanted to be in a city where he could train and compete and not leave except for eight weeks a year where he’d have to travel to another town to have a football game every Sunday. So, it was less travel and more at home. That’s what Brock likes. He likes to be at home.”

Lesnar was often criticized for making very limited appearances, even during his run as the Universal Champion.

His contract with WWE is most likely done, as he has not appeared on the show since his loss to Drew McIntyre in the main event of Wrestlemania 36.