Kurt Angle Hypes Up Jason Jordan’s Return To The Ring

Kurt Angle was revealed to be Jason Jordan’s father on Monday Night Raw back in 2017 and even though this was thought to have been the beginning of a huge storyline and push for both men, this never happened.

Jordan went down with a neck injury back in February and it was believed to only be a minor problem at the time and was expected back in the ring following WrestleMania.

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This obviously didn’t happen as Jordan’s injury has become worse as the months have progressed and now the Triple Crown Champion has been on the sidelines for almost a year.

Reports in recent months have suggested that Jordan has been training to be a producer backstage just in case he is unable to make a return as a superstar but the former Tag Team Champion has been sharing optimistic messages about his future over the past few days and now his “father” believes it too.

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Angle posted the above image on his Instagram page last night as it appears that the former Raw General Manager is looking to push the return of his son so that the storyline between them can finally take place.

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The fact that he stated that “He WILL be back” means that there could be some new hope for Jordan ahead of the biggest season of the wrestling year.

It is unknown what kind of condition Jordan’s neck is currently in, but the fact that both he and Angle are remaining optimistic means that there must have been some progress from a few months ago when it was thought that he would be forced to retire from active competition for good.