Kurt Angle Praises Chad Gable, Says He’ll Win King Of The Ring

Kurt Angle is a legend of the wrestling industry, having wrestled in two of the biggest promotions and winning everything that a wrestler can possibly win. Angle is known to be extremely vocal on social media with his thoughts, and this time he took to Twitter to praise Chad Gable.

Chad Gable defeated Andrade in a major upset victory on SmackDown Live last night and advanced to the semi-finals on the King of the Ring tourney. Gable is often termed as the next-coming of Kurt Angle due to their amateur wrestling background, participation in Olympics and tremendous presence in the ring.

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Kurt Angle said in his tweet that Gable is not the next Angle but he is the first Chad Gable. He also predicted the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion to win the whole tournament.

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WWE is reportedly looking to change Chad Gable’s name to Shorty G, after they trademarked Shorty G recently. Gable was considered as a major underdog in the tournament, but has silently made his way into the final four (or five).

Chad Gable was widely touted for great things after his wrestling performances in NXT, but he fell off the radar on the main roster. A split for Jason Jordan ensured that Gable never found his feet in either Singles or Tag Team Division, and he is slowly being presented as a bigger deal.

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Gable also wrestled on the 205 Live show recently and showed the fans what he is capable of. Gable winning the tournament when Corbin, Elias, Samoa Joe, and Richochet remain will be a massive feat, but it will cement his legacy and help his career similar to Kurt Angle’s KOTR victory all those years ago.

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Chad Gable takes on Elias next week on SmackDown Live. If he wins, he’ll take on either of Ricochet, Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin in the finals which will take place at Clash of Champions.