Kurt Angle Reveals Details Of Backstage Fight With WWE Legend

Eddie Guerrero
Image via Chairshot.com

Kurt Angle hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since he was sent on vacation from Raw by Commissioner Stephanie McMahon a few months ago when Baron Corbin was appointed as the Acting General Manager of Raw.

Angle has been around the wrestling business for a number of decades after coming into WWE as an Olympic medalist, which means that he has a number of stories from the old school wrestling days when he would be in the ring around some of the greats of wrestling.

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It was well-known that Angle was good friends with WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero and the couple had some interesting matches against each other. But whilst Angle and Guerrero were very close friends, as part of a recent Q&A on Facebook, he revealed that he and the WWE Hall of Famer once came to blows backstage.

“Eddie and I were so close.” He said via WrestlingInc. “Like brothers. Some days we got along, other days we fought… literally! We had a fight once backstage 15 years ago. We always treated each other like brothers though.”

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Eddie Guerrero is seen as one of WWE’s biggest legends and the fact that even he and Angle came to blows backstage shows that sometimes wrestling can cause even the closest of friends to become enemies because some stars are so passionate about the cause.

Kurt Angle is expected to return to WWE in the coming weeks to build up his match with Baron Corbin at Survivor Series, but it is unknown as to when Angle could make his return, but it could be as early as tonight on Raw if Corbin continues to abuse the power that he has.