Kurt Angle Reveals He Almost Had a Legitimate Fight With Vince McMahon


Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer who was given the unique honor of being able to end his career back at WrestleMania last year when he lost to Baron Corbin. Angle has had well documented personal problems throughout his career, but he was only recently able to recall a time when he believes it went too far.

Angle was struggling with his addiction to painkillers when he sent WWE Chairman Vince McMahon a number of text messages, which he doesn’t remember because he blacked out, but he revealed to Chris Van Vliet in a recent interview that he remembered Vince McMahon wanted to kick his ass when he next saw him.

“[In 2006], I decided to quit and my manager and I made the trip to headquarters and I injured myself real badly, my hamstring and groin. There was blood across my genitals, my hamstring, both legs on the inside and I’m bruising. It was really bad. I showed it to Vince when we had a meeting and I said, ‘We need to talk because I’m not doing really well.’ So he pulls out about five typed pages of text messages and phone call messages that I left them and I’m reading them and it says, ‘Vince, I’m going to beat the sh*t out of you when I see you,’ ‘Vince, you better answer my calls or I’m going to kick your ass.’ Really crazy stuff. I don’t remember it. Unfortunately, I was taking painkillers and every once in a while, I would blackout and here I am texting Vince.”

“He stood up and he took his jacket off and he said, ‘You want to kick my ass? Let’s go right now.’ I looked at him and thought, ‘Oh my God. Vince McMahon wants to beat my ass. This has been a guy who’s been my father figure for the past seven years and I have too much respect for him to stand up. But he wanted to go. I left the room and I came back and I just broke down. I said, ‘Vince, I can’t do this anymore.’ I need you to release me. He did. It had to be done to save my life,” he said via Fightful.

Angle was released from the company following WrestleMania 22 where he dropped the World Championship to Rey Mysterio. The Olympic Gold Medalist then worked for Impact Wrestling for a decade before making his return to WWE back in 2017.