Kylie Rae No Longer With AEW, Rock Praises Arn Anderson and Jim Ross on AEW, Kenny Omega Tweets About Win-Loss Record

Image via Twitter

AEW President Tony Khan has confirmed that one of AEW’s women superstars has been released from her contract with the company.

Kylie Rae, who was last seen at AEW Double or Nothing in May, was reported out of action with a “medical issue” in July. She has since deleted her Twitter account.

As reported by Meghan O’Keefe, Khan said that Rae had asked to be released and that there were “no hard feelings”, between Rae and the company.

The Rock Praises Hall of Famers’ Work At All Out

Three WWE Hall of Famers had a busy night during AEW’s All Out.

Tully Blanchard, who is currently playing a managerial role for Shawn Spears, got involved during a match between Spears and Cody Rhodes. This prompted another Hall of Famer, Arn Anderson, to come out and deliver a spinebuster to Spears. All while Jim Ross was doing commentary ringside.

Apparently The Rock was watching, or at least saw the video of Anderson’s run in and he was full of praise for the segment.

The Rock loved both Anderson’s delivery of the spinebuster move and how Ross called it.

Kenny Omega Not Allowing Loss To PAC To Bring Him Down

Kenny Omega may have lost his match against PAC during AEW’s All Out, but he doesn’t seem to believe it “counts” for much in his AEW career.

Omega recently tweeted asking that instead of his loss, we think about his “win-loss record”.

Omega’s first AEW match was during the Double or Nothing pay-per-view, where he lost a contenders match for the AEW World Championship to the current champion Chris Jericho.

His other AEW matches, however, were wins. He won versus Cima at Fight For the Fallen and was also part of a winning team with The Young Bucks at Fyter Fest. So this means Omega has two wins and two losses in his AEW career.