Lacey Evans Calls Sasha Banks & Bayley “Nasty”, Paul Heyman To Push 3 More RAW Superstars In 2020

Lacey Evans wrestled Sasha Banks in singles action this past week on Friday Night SmackDown. The bout ended in a double count-out as The Lady began unloading on The Boss as a punishment for trash-talking to her daughter.

On After The Bell, Evans fired shots at Banks and her bestie Bayley, labeling the heels as “nasties” in the process.

“People think ‘nasty’ as in like ‘dirty’ and that is not what it is. Nasty things are people that lack the initiative and drive and accountability in their decisions and what they’ve done. Without going into much detail, those two women have definitely taken the weak route. The easy way out (is) to blame everybody else but themselves for their [failures] in this business.”

“For somebody to blame everybody else, which is exactly what they’re doing, is the cheap way. They are definitely nothing but nasties, especially to bring my daughter up. It’s the epitome of a nasty, weak thing. Lacey Evans is here to set the proper example because Lord knows they’re not doing it.”

Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy are en route to becoming the leading figures on Monday Night RAW under the leadership of Paul Heyman and three more Superstars are set to receive a similar push from the Executive Director next year.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Charlotte Flair, Drew McIntyre, and Ricochet are on Heyman’s radar in a big way. All three Superstars have had a decent 2019 and the new year could be a phenomenal ride for the trio.

The latest rumors suggest that Flair, McIntyre, and Ricochet will make their mark at WWE’s first big pay-per-view of 2020, Royal Rumble. All three Superstars are likely to dominate in their respective Rumble matches to officially kick off their reported singles push.