Lacey Evans Explains Why She Calls Other Wrestlers ‘Nasty’

Lacey Evans debuted on the main roster earlier this year and spent months simply walking up and down the ramp. Evans had a unique story when she first debuted in NXT, and used to carry her daughter to NXT tapings.

Evans may not be the most prolific wrestler in the ring, but she is definitely a solid promo. Her character work is quite amazing, and the Sassy Southern Belle is known for calling other superstars ‘nasty’.

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Recently, Evans appeared on the Busted Open Radio podcast, and talked about why she calls her opponents ‘nasty’. According to her, the word comes from her time serving in the US Marine, and its quite a popular term around those parts.

“The term ‘nasty’ came from the Marine Corp. when I was in boot camp. It’s three months long, it’s hell, and you walk in there thinking that you are…whatever you thought you were when you walk into boot camp, you leave the complete opposite.”

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Evans also talked about the difficult and rigorous process of US Marine and said that it takes a great toll on the individual.

“They completely rip you down physically, mentally and emotionally, and they build you up to be a confident United States Marine. Now while you are in boot camp, you are called a nasty. […] In the Marine Corps, you’re always considered a “nasty” because you can always give so much more of yourself.”

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Lacey Evans is quite a character in WWE and her time in the Marine has definitely enhanced her personality. Evans featured in a feud against Becky Lynch, which was her first rivalry in WWE. She lost the feud but definitely showcased her top-notch character work.

Evans is still relatively new on the main roster and has a long career ahead of her.