Lana and Bobby Lashley Released From Nashville Jail, Kevin Owens Thanks AOP

This week’s RAW took place from Nashville, Tennessee, and in the opening hour of the show, Lana and her lover Bobby Lashley were arrested by the Nashville police, with their Miranda rights being read out to them live in front of the audience.

Lashley gave a shoulder push to the officer while Lana slapped him, leading to the couple leaving the arena handcuffed.

WWE released a statement earlier today, announcing that both the superstars have been released from jail. The storyline has seen lots of twists and turns, with Lana filing a restraining order against her soon-to-be ex-husband Rusev, in every state the cavalry travels to, for shows.

“ has learned that Bobby Lashley and Lana have been released from a Nashville jail. Both Superstars have been reached out to for comment.”

Rusev breached the restraining order this week and attacked Lashley right in the middle of the ring after his match with Kevin Owens.

Speaking of Owens, the Prizefighter was beaten up by the Authors of Pain during his match with Lashley and was dragged backstage by the two monstrous figures. Kevin Owens has had issues with the AOP since last week when the former Tag-Team Champions attacked him during his main-event matchup against Seth Rollins.

Even though he was mercilessly beaten up, Owens chose to stay positive and thanked Akam and Rezar for giving him an opportunity to leave the show early and catch up with his family.

“Not only did I escape but being dragged out so quickly enabled me to catch a flight last night (still in my gear), surprise my wife by coming home early and drop my kids off at school this morning!
So @Rezar_WWE, @Akam_WWE, thanks! I’ll see you two giant numbnuts next week…”

It will be interesting to see where this story heads to next week, as Seth Rollins could very well be revealed as the leader of the two imposing figures.