WWE Raw: Lana Reveals She’s Filed For Divorce And Obtained a Restraining Order, Bobby Lashley Debuts New Finisher

It’s been a rocky few weeks in the relationship between Lana and Rusev, ever since Bobby Lashley returned to WWE and it was revealed that he was dating Lana without Rusev knowing. This has become a controversial storyline in recent weeks but while many members of the WWE Universe have complained about the storytelling, the segment is still getting views online, with Paul Heyman announcing that it was on 11 million views and counting on Youtube earlier this week.

Last week Lana lied about the fact that she was pregnant with Rusev’s baby so that she could lure her husband into the ring and into the path of Lashley. This week the narrative changed and instead, Lana made it clear that she had filed for divorce from her husband as well as managing to obtain a restraining order which was shown on the screen in her real name of Catherine Joy Perry.

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It’s obvious that this will be used as the reason why Bobby Lashley and Rusev are not able to go head to head this weekend at Survivor Series, but it’s unclear how this will lead to a match between the two men at Starrcade. This order will have to be lifted since the match is set to take place in just over two weeks’ time.

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This week Lashley took part in his first match on Raw in more than four months when he wrestled No Way Jose and was able to quickly pick up the victory, with Lana in his corner. This isn’t the biggest talking point of the match though since Lashley didn’t use his usual spear or dominator finisher, instead he opted to use The Masterlock to force Jose to pass out.

It appears that Lashley could have a new submission finisher that will make him even more of a threat to Rusev in the coming weeks.