Lana Says Reports of Her Being Punishment Booked are “Insane”

It’s not “punishment booking” but rather an opportunity for people to see her in a new light, said Lana about her recent storyline on WWE Raw.

Lana, who was previously more known for taking on managerial roles, has been transitioning into an active wrestler. She has been involved in a storyline with Nia Jax which began with Jax putting her through an announce table several weeks in a row.

Many claim that Lana’s storyline, specifically all the abuse she’s taken at the hands of Jax and Jax’s tag team partner Shayna Baszler is “punishment booking” as her husband, Rusev, is now in AEW as Miro.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Lana said the reports that she is being punished are “insane” and instead what people are seeing is her finally showing what she is made of.

“For me to be having a storyline where I’m competing in the ring, fighting, that is something I’m very, very grateful for,” said Lana.

“I’ve been here for seven years and I’ve survived this business, all the steamrolls and the different crazy curveballs that they have thrown here. I think a lot of people, even the people that I work with, like they don’t even know things that I’ve done and I’m like maybe you should watch the show. Maybe have a little bit more respect for me and watch the show.”

Lana was kayfabe injured by Jax and Baszler on the last episode of Raw. This removed her from a match where she was to tag with Raw Women’s Champion Asuka against Jax and Baszler on TLC.

While it’s being advertised that Asuka will have to find another partner for the match, it’s quite possible that Lana will still be involved in some capacity.