Lance Archer Picks PAC as AEW Talent He Would Love to Face

Current AEW superstar Lance Archer was a guest on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio where he talked about who among the AEW roster he would like to face.

While it is currently looking like Archer’s first feud in AEW will be against former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes, he’s actually got his eye on another former WWE talent, PAC, who competed in the WWE as Neville.

“He is one of those guys that, I think he brings that strong style that I like to bring myself. You have the dual dynamic of the monster, and the high-flyer,” said Archer about PAC.

“The guy that can do all these amazing cool crazy things. But, he brings that fight,” he added.

According to Archer, he likes to surprise people with his athleticism, something that he will probably be able to showcase in a match with PAC.

“When they’re going ‘oh he’s just a big beast of a monster, Archer is hitting people and tossing them from one corner to the next.’ I also climb up to the top and do some kind of cool moonsault or somersault off the ring apron. Something of that nature that you kind of didn’t expect to see from a guy of my size and stature,” he said.

Archer noted that, while he and PAC have actually been on the same wrestling tours and have known each other for sometime, they have never stepped in the ring together.

“That’d be a fun match,” he mused.