Lance Storm Criticizes WWE and AEW for Producing “Supernatural” Storylines

There are two types of wrestling fans. One who wants a promotion to produce fresh storylines/segments — something out of the box. And two, who don’t believe in unrealistic spots in wrestling.

It seems like Lance Storm belongs to the latter group. Recently on Wrestling Observer Live, Storm talked about such segments in wrestling and explicitly said that he isn’t a fan of them.

“I didn’t get through the show to be perfectly honest. I mentioned it before, I guess it when I was looking at the Abadon/Shida match that I said I don’t want any more zombies. I’m tired of the supernatural unrealistic, you have to suspend your disbelief to another dimension stuff and the Randy Orton promo with the mask being all burnt I thought was pushing my level of suspension of disbelief, but when it got to her sitting on the playground and stuff I’m like, ‘I can’t take this.”

Storm also said that the only thing that stood out for him was Alexa Bliss.

“I think the thing for me, that really did it for the Alexa segment was at some level, I still on some level want this to be a wrestling show, or shit, even just a TV show based in reality.”