Lance Storm Talks Backstage WWE Role, Returning To The Ring

Former WWE, ECW, and WCW performer Lance Storm has officially returned to WWE starting a full-time backstage role as a producer during last Monday’s RAW and this week’s SmackDown.

Storm retired from full-time in-ring competition back in 2005, then opened a professional wrestling school in Calgary, the highly thought of Storm Wrestling Academy. Earlier this year, he announced he was closing down the school and returning to WWE as a producer.

During a backstage interview, Storm talked a bit about how it felt to return to WWE and who he was looking forward to working with, in the current roster.

According to Storm, it was great to be back with the WWE after such a long time and it felt like “coming back home.”

Storm said he was a big fan of SmackDown’s Shorty G, even when Shorty was in NXT.

“He’s just so talented,” said Storm. “He’s one of those guys where it’s like, ‘Man, why don’t our timelines line-up better?’ I would’ve loved to have been in the ring with him in my prime.”

This comment, of course, led to the question of whether or not we would be seeing Storm taking part in in-ring action.

“Never say never,” Storm said. “But I would’ve liked to have been in my prime when I’m in there with him. I don’t think I could keep up as well as I used to.”

Storm believes his role as a producer also means mentoring talent, a role his time running the Storm Wrestling Academy makes him well suited to take.