Lance Storm Wants a Retirement Match Against Chris Jericho

Lance Storm and Chris Jericho have a pact to have their last match with each other. Storm revealed the existence of a pact between him and long time friend and former tag team partner Jericho on an episode of Figure Four Daily.

During a Q&A, a listener mentioned that Jericho had previously mentioned he would want to have a retirement match with Storm. Storm corrected the listener by saying that the idea of him and Jericho having a retirement match was his.

Storm said the first time he mentioned having a retirement match with Jericho was when he was a guest on Jericho’s podcast.

“I had mentioned that I had always wanted to do my last match with Jericho. I always thought it would be cool to have my first and my last match with the same guy,” recalled Storm.

According to Storm, when he mentioned it then, Jericho loved the idea.

“He’s like, ‘that’s a great idea, let’s make a pact right now, let’s do it’” recalled Storm. “We sorta have agreed to do it but it’s going to come down to when he decides he’s willing to retire or whether I’m still at that point ready to have a match or whether we’ll just be two dame old guys in a sh**ty building somewhere. . .”

“If it was in AEW or Jericho-Storm promotions on some indy show we do for ourselves, I’d be open to anything,” he added.

Storm and Jericho began their wrestling training at the Hart Brothers Wrestling Camp in Calgary and had their first match against each other in 1990. They debuted as a tag team in Smokey Mountain Wrestling in 1994. They have worked at various times for ECW, WCW, and WWE.

Storm left WWE in 2005 to open a training school. He closed his training school in 2019 and returned as a producer for the WWE. However, he was one of the producers released in April due to COVID-19 cost-cutting.