Larry “The Axe” Hennig Passes Away

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Larry “The Axe” Hennig passed away at the age of 82 last Tuesday (December 6).

Hennig is the father of the late Hall of Famer, Mr.Perfect and the grandfather of current WWE superstar Curtis Axel.  He was an active wrestler during the 50s upto the early 80s, mostly with the American Wrestling Association, National Wrestling Alliance, and the World Wide Wrestling Federation.

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Hennig was given the nickname “The Axe” due to his signature move which was an elbow drop onto a prone opponent.

His passing was first announced by journalist Mike Mooneyham in a tweet:

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WWE also released a statement about Henning’s death said to have come after a long illness and kidney failure.

Axel also released a statement about his grandfather’s death. Axel called his grandfather his “Papa Axe” and stated that his grandfather had been his biggest supporter and another father when Axel’ s own father passed away.

“He’s with my Dad now so everything will be ok. Love you Papa Axe! The Hennig’s have always held our heads up high! We will continue to do so… You rest assured, The Hennig name will live on FOREVER!!!” wrote Axel.

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Check out Axel’s complete statement in his Tweet below:

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Hennig gave an interview to the Two Man Power Trip last November. In this, what turned out to be his last interview, he speaks about his grandson with great pride and talked about making sure he always saw his grandson’s matches.

“I know when he’s going to be on. He calls when to put it on and when I’m not here I tape it. I’ve got all of his stuff here and I watch him,” said Hennig.