Lars Sullivan Reveals Interesting Axed WWE Gimmick Idea

Lars Sullivan was released from WWE earlier this year after the former NXT star revealed that he requested his release following several personal issues.

Sullivan looked to be destined for great things in WWE before he was promoted to the main roster where his career took something of a nosedive.

Since his callup at the end of 2018, Sullivan had been struggling with crippling anxiety and the last team years have been plagued by injuries.

The former WWE star even noted that his professional wrestling career may have come to an end following his WWE departure.

While The Freak was part of WWE, it’s believed that the company may have had some interesting plans for his character since he recently shared an image on Instagram that shows that WWE was preparing to revamp his gimmick.

The Freak captioned the picture as “The Brilliant Behemoth Lawrence Sullivan” which could have become the former WWE star’s new ring name.

There was no back story given to the images, but it’s’ believed that the former star was perhaps handed this as a proposal for a new character last year before his recent issues and subsequent release from the company back in January.