Latest Update On Jeff Hardy’s WWE Return

On his official Jeff Hardy Instagram Account, Jeff Hardy has posted something for the first time since his arrest.

There is no mention of the arrest, but he does mention that he is fully healed and there is a nice photo of him with the medical staff who took care of him.

What is really cool and fun about this is the message that he wrote.

Jeff Hardy wrote, “My shoulder is no longer O B S O L E T E!:)!”

This also shows that when he does come back, there is clearly going to be some kind of dealings with his brother Matt.

Jeff Hardy has been down with an injury for a little while now and in his absence, we have seen Broken Matt Hardy enter the WWE Universe and start a feud with Bray Wyatt.

According to the reports, Jeff Hardy is due at the WWE Performance Centre soon in order to get in ring shape and get back into the swing of things. He is actually scheduled for an in ring return later this month, but his recent DUI charge may, of course, put a hold on that.

Jeff Hardy’s wife did post on her Instagram account earlier that Jeff was undergoing his very last physical which should give him the thumbs up (or maybe the Hardy’s Sign?) for a return to in ring action.