Lince Dorado’s ‘Unmasked’ Social Media Post Hints at a Possible WWE Exit

Lince Dorado has been part of The Lucha House Party over the past few years, but in recent weeks there have been obvious signs that there is a rift between Dorado and Kalisto.

These issues began after Kalisto returned from injury a few months ago and it was once believed that the two men would be stepping into a feud. This may now not be the case.

Lince Dorado has fuelled a lot of speculation by posting a picture of himself without his mask with the caption, “Goodbye” on his Instagram page.

It’s unknown if this means that Dorado is saying goodbye to his mask or saying goodbye to the company.

WrestleVotes reported earlier in the week that there was one WWE superstar who was refusing to re-sign with the company when their contract expires.

If this star is Dorado then he would be forced to give up his mask and his name if he wanted to walk away from the company and explore new options.

While Dorado isn’t seen as one of the biggest stars in the company, he is one of the most exciting in the ring, and it would be a huge loss for both The Lucha House Party and SmackDown if he was allowed to walk away.

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