Image via WWE

Lio Rush is one of the finest talkers in WWE today. Although he is nowhere near John Cena or Paul Heyman, the former 205 Live star does rock the mic every time he opens his mouth.

While speaking to Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory, Rush talked about the severe backlash he faced when he tweeted about former Superstar Emma‘s release.

Although the Man Of The Hour jokingly tweeted out “I guess these are the things that happen when you’re not TRULY ready for Asuka” without intending any offence towards Emma, he quickly found himself in the middle of a severe backlash.

“It hit me so fast and hard I remember I was sitting at a Waffle House when I tweeted that out. I didn’t even mean it in the slightest way to be hurtful or anything.”

“I remember being so entertained with what Asuka was doing and her saying that nobody is ready for Asuka, and honestly, it was so stupid. People tried to tell me that they think I should take the tweet down and I didn’t really see the negative in it at all and I even left it up when somebody told me to take it down. I was like, no, it’s fine, I didn’t mean it in a negative way.”

In 2017, Asuka debuted against Emma (now Tenille Dashwood) on Monday Night RAW. The self-proclaimed creator of the Women’s Revolution was released shortly after she lost a two-match series against The Empress.

“It isn’t like I am bashing her or anything like that. Then I started seeing hundreds of comments and then thousands of comments and people just raining down on me and I was thinking, man, I messed up really bad, really, really bad.”

“I felt so bad and reached out to Emma and at first I had mixed feelings about it and then ultimately I just realized I messed up and it was such a sensitive and real moment and it was new to me because I never really seen WWE tweet anything out like that where they were releasing a WWE Superstar. So, I thought, oh, this is different. I just wasn’t thinking and wasn’t aware of the situation and how real the situation was.”