Lio Rush on His Relationship With Vince McMahon in WWE

Lio Rush was one of those superstars who was released by WWE on April 15, 2020, as part of a cost-cutting measure by the company. This decision resulted in WWE getting criticized by a lot of fans on the internet. 

Rush has now returned to the independent wrestling circuit. He was also announced for New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Super J-Cup that would happen next month. Recently, Rush appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast where he talked about his relationship with his former boss, Vince McMahon.

He started by saying that Vince was his best-friend during his time on Monday Night Raw and they used to talk a lot with each other. 

“My relationship with Vince was great. I think he was my best friend when I was on RAW,” Rush revealed. “[I was] probably closer to Vince than I was with Bobby. I was in his office every day. Every Monday, I was in his office. We were always talking about what was next or what he wanted to see from me to make my character elevate Bobby more.

Rush also said that Vince liked him which is why he was featured so much on Raw at one point. For quite some time, Lio and Bobby Lashley worked together and that was one of McMahon’s ideas. 

“I think that that was plain as day. I wouldn’t have had all of those segments on RAW if I wasn’t likeable by Vince. That was his baby right there, that pairing between me and Bobby and doing the stuff with Lashley and the pointing at the ass. All of that was Vince.”

Rush was unhappy with WWE at one point but the company listened to his concerns and tried to go more creative with his character. He returned to NXT from the main roster before getting released by the company in April.