Lio Rush Reveals How He Found Out About His Release, Reason Why WWE Introduced The “Crossover Rule”

Lio Rush was one of a number of WWE stars who were released by the company back in April as part of budget cuts which had been forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Rush had been pushing forward in NXT as a former NXT Cruiserweight Champion and was even teasing returning to Bobby Lashley’s side on Monday Night Raw when he received the news that he was no longer employed.

Rush recently spoke to Forbes where he revealed that he actually found out about his release online and decided to call the company for some clarification.

“I was the first group of people that were announced. I actually made the call myself.”

“I saw that there were a lot of news sites posting about it. It made mainstream news, so I was like ‘oh man, this might be a real thing.’ So I called the Head of Talent Relations and I just asked—like, straight up—’Am I one of these people who is going to be released today? Because I’m seeing it all over the internet and I don’t want to find out over the internet or through one of my fans. He said yes, unfortunately, you are.”

Lio Rush has teased retirement since his WWE release and it isn’t known at present whether or not the former Champion was just saying it in jest.

Last night on Raw, The Crossover Rule was announced since Drew McIntyre revealed that he would be taking on King Corbin for the WWE Championship on next week’s show. John Pollock of POST Wrestling recently revealed that the main reason behind this is because the networks actually requested it following the rating decline on both SmackDown and Raw recently.

PWInsider then went on to state that another reason for this was because WWE wanted to create some dream matches across the brands for their fans. It is worth noting that WWE is expected to “keep talent crossovers to a minimum throughout the year.”