Lio Rush Upset With Finn Balor For Not Diffusing Rumors of Heat Between Them, Balor Responds

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush was one of those talents released by the WWE in April allegedly due to cost-cutting measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rush has not been shy about saying that he doesn’t believe that he was treated fairly by WWE, and his discontent was being broadcast even when he was with the company.

Rush was allegedly the subject of much backstage heat during his stint with WWE, and one of those that was supposed to have heat with him was current NXT Superstar Finn Balor.

Rush recently brought up the subject of having heat with Balor again on his Twitter, stating he never had beef with Balor and had texted him asking if he knew where the rumors were coming from.

Balor allegedly told Rush he wasn’t publicly commenting on the rumors because it “would draw more attention to the situation.” Rush wasn’t happy with the answer, asking Balor if he could diffuse the story, which Balor didn’t.

Though Balor seems to have kept quiet in the past, this latest round of Tweets from Rush prompted a response on Twitter.

“Lio, I’ve always been very fond of you both in and out of the ring. As I told you before, there is no heat,” wrote Balor.

Balor goes on to say that he chooses to “live life in reality and not worry about what people make up online.”

“I’m only tweeting this because I know it’s important to you, if you want to talk, call me,” he concludes.

The reported heat between the two stemmed from rumors that Balor had given Rush some advice. Balor is said to have told Rush that some people were unhappy, including Vince McMahon, that he was taking his wife with him on tour and was there during rehearsals .