Lita Vs Mickie James Officially Announced For Evolution

Lita and Mickie James
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Almost 12 years ago, four-time Women’s Champion Lita stepped into a WWE ring as a full-time superstar at Survivor Series back in 2006 when she took on Mickie James. At the time, Lita was the Women’s Champion but she lost the title to James and then retired from the company.

Lita hasn’t had another one-on-one match with a female wrestler since her retirement, which could be the main reason why WWE has decided to allow Lita to relive history at Evolution when she takes on Mickie James once again.

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This time, the roles are reversed since James is the heel and the WWE Hall of Famer will be coming in as the face.

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Alexa Bliss vs Trish Stratus was a strange first addition to the show, but it can’t be argued that Mickie James and Lita have history, the two women collided a number of times throughout Mickie’s first year in the company and it will be interesting to see if the two veterans can steal the show more than a decade after their last meeting.

There were rumors that Asuka would be the woman taking on Lita at Nassau Coliseum on October 28th, but choosing Mickie as the former star’s opponent was a stroke of brilliance and will definitely allow both women to return to top form.

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Lita and Mickie were both part of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match back in January but they were unable to cross paths in that match but there was interestingly more build up to a rematch between Trish and Mickie instead.

With just two matches officially announced for Evolution and WWE reportedly struggling to sell tickets, this announcement will definitely ensure that the most hardcore of fans are in attendance in New York.