Liv Morgan Cleared To Wrestle, Will Participate At Super Show-Down

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Riott Squad member Liv Morgan is cleared to wrestle at WWE Super Show-Down this Saturday October 6).

Morgan suffered a concussion from a couple of ill-placed kicks from Brie Bella during a match on RAW last September 24. She has been kept off TV since then.

The Riott Squad is set to face Ronda Rousey and the Bella Twins at Super Show-Down, and now we know that Morgan will be there and maybe get a measure of retribution against Brie Bella.

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Speaking in an interview with The Mirror, Morgan stated that she was “100% cleared by WWE doctors.”

“They took great care of me,” said Morgan about the doctors. “They have a very extensive concussion protocol, which we followed 100% and luckily I am feeling fantastic and we are ready to win.”

Morgan made this statement during an interview with Mirror Sport’s Scott Felstead in Australia. She was accompanied by fellow Riott Squad members, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan.

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Asked to comment on the upcoming match, Riott, who is the squad’s, acknowledged leader spoke about getting some payback on behalf of Morgan.

“We’re going to get a little retribution, we’re going to teach them a lesson and teach them whose locker room this is,” said Riott.

“We are best friends on and off the screen,” said Riott of her bond with Morgan and Logan.

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The three women recently celebrated their main roster debut by getting tattoos of their debut date. Since returning from injury, Morgan has also been sporting some new hair, going full pink instead of just pink striped or pink tipped.

You can watch the full interview between Felstead and the Riott Squad here