Liv Morgan Debuts New Look On WWE Live Event, 24/7 Title Changes Hands Twice


Liv Morgan made a major splash with her return a few weeks ago on RAW, when she returned during the Rusev-Lana wedding ceremony and proclaimed her love for Lana, starting off a new character arc for the former Riott Squad member.

Morgan is currently teaming up with Lana’s ex-husband Rusev to take on Lana and Lashley, and officially made her return to the ring at last night’s live event from Lafayette.

Morgan showed off a new ring attire, which is similar to her old attire, but with darker shades and without the Harley Quinn-esque makeup. Liv Morgan made her debut on the main roster in late 2017 but hasn’t yet hit her stride.

Morgan and Rusev are set to take on Lana and Lashley on RAW next week, and their string of matches on the live-event circuit is a precursor to their eventual battle on the Royal Rumble go-home episode of the red brand next week.

It will be interesting to see if Liv Morgan dons the same attire next week as well, and if this current push will result in something meaningful for the immensely talented individual.

In other news, WWE’s Lafayette live event featured two title changes of the 24/7 Championship. Mojo Rawley, who defeated R-Truth to capture the title recently, lost it to R-Truth on the house show.

However, before the show ended, Rawley took back the title from Truth and entered his third reign as the 24/7 Champion. Rawley has promised to change the way 24/7 title is perceived and is looking to bring legitimacy to the belt, which was once held by Santa Claus himself.

WWE seems to be moving away from Truth at-least for the time being, which is a refreshing change. WWE was lambasted for booking the title on R-Truth, effectively ensuring the rest of the division doesn’t get a chance to hold the title for long.