Liv Morgan Makes History At Royal Rumble, WWE Botches JBL’s Entrance, Brock Lesnar Ends Impressive Streak

Image via WWE

Liv Morgan Makes History At Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble was seen as a huge success for WWE, since the company opted to bring in a number of NXT stars for the men and women’s Rumble matches rather than relying on the legends that made up the field last year.

While there were a number of memorable moments throughout The Rumble, one of the best was Liv Morgan‘s quick exit following her entrance at number three. The Riott Squad member made history on Sunday night when she was eliminated from the match with the shortest time on the clock, beating Vickie Guerrero‘s record that was set last year.

Despite this being a record that not many stars would want to add their name to, Liv Morgan seems happy with it.

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Is JBL In The Hall Of Fame?

JBL returned to WWE as part of the pre-show last night where he was able to add his opinion on the upcoming Road to WrestleMania, but WWE made a huge mistake when JBL was announced to the crowd.

JBL isn’t actually in the Hall of Fame as of writing, but the company decided to announce that John Bradshaw Layfield was already a Hall of Famer. It wasn’t corrected by WWE and right now it is unknown as to whether or not it was a tease since JBL could be part of the upcoming Hall of Fame class.

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Brock Lesnar End’s Finn Balor’s Undefeated Streak

Brock Lesnar defeated Finn Balor last night at the Royal Rumble in a match that saw Lesnar taken to his limits by the Inaugural Universal Champion, but in the end it was Lesnar who managed to pick up the win when Balor was forced to tap to the Kimora Lock.

This is the first time that Finn Balor has lost a singles match on pay-per-view and he definitely made Lesnar work for it. Of course, Lesnar was the man who ended the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania almost five years ago, but this is another streak that Lesnar has now ended to add to all the other accomplishments in his arsenal.