Liv Morgan Shares Personal Images Of Lana Amidst Relationship Claims On RAW


Last night’s Monday Night RAW was bookended by the wedding of Bobby Lashley and Lana, a wedding that many fans were not necessarily looking forward to. The fact that the union was made last night’s main event meant that something had to go down and predictably Rusev was part of the show as he invaded so that he could attack Lashley.

Rusev wasn’t the big surprise of the night, it was Liv Morgan who made her first WWE appearance since the summer and revealed that Lana had broken her heart by choosing Lashley, something which Lana responded to by slapping the former Riott Squad member.

A lesbian angle is something that the likes of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville have been pushing for in WWE for more than a year and the two women have obviously responded to the shock online.

Many fans have found it hard to believe that Lana and Liv Morgan were in a relationship so Morgan has decided to share a few images of the couple as well as a video that shows Lana spying on the former NXT star.

The photo is definitely made more interesting because of the fact that Rusev is looking on in the background and seems as though he’s spying on the couple. This means that WWE intends to push this storyline forward in the coming weeks, which is made even more shocking because Sonya Deville could have been in a storyline like this and made it so believable alongside Mandy Rose.

Rose and Deville hinted at a lesbian angle a few months ago and on Total Divas, Deville revealed that she had an angle approved by the company ahead of WrestleMania, before they decided to nix it at the final minute.

WWE has definitely missed a chance here and hopefully, they are able to rectify it in 2020.