Liv Morgan Shoots Down Rumors That She Was Going to Be Sister Abigail

Liv Morgan is denying that she was ever going to play the mysterious figure known as Sister Abigail.

Morgan had been off WWE TV for several months in 2019, reportedly for repackaging after the breakup of the Riott Squad. During the weeks leading up to her eventual return, she released a series of social media posts teasing a change and showing her going blonde.

WWE also hyped up Morgan’s return, saying she was going to show her “real self”. Around the same time, a creepy blonde doll was seen in the Firefly Funhouse with Bray Wyatt. All this led to speculation that a returning Morgan might be the often mentioned but never seen Sister Abigail.

In an interview with Sportskeeda, Morgan addressed the rumors, calling them “very flattering fanfiction.”

“I was never, you know, respectively, hoping to be Sister Abigail. I was never pushing to be Sister Abigail,” she said.

According to Morgan, all the vignettes and posts which people made so much of were just herself exploring her personal side and trying to let people know.

Morgan has since reunited with her Riott Squad stablemate Ruby Riott and the duo has a Women’s Tag Team Championship match against Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax at Clash of Champions.