Liv Morgan’s Injury Status Is Confirmed By WWE

Brie Bella
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Liv Morgan was part of a six-person tag team match on Monday Night Raw this week when she teamed with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan to take on Nikki, Brie Bella, and Natalya.

Mid-way through the match, Liv Morgan was in the ring with Brie when the former Divas Champion unleashed a flurry of Yes Kicks and two of them managed to hit Morgan in the face. Morgan looked worse for wear and was forced to tag out of the match before she was then assessed by medical staff at ringside.

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Liv was officially diagnosed with a concussion by WWE yesterday and the company released the following statement via their website.

“Liv Morgan has a concussion and is going through the proper protocol under WWE’s comprehensive wellness program.”

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It was also revealed that Morgan doesn’t actually blame Bella for the botch since Brie was seen to apologize to Morgan a number of times following the incident and later took to Social Media as well.

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Riott and Logan were said to have been much more annoyed about the incident since all three women are known to be relatively close backstage and the duo found it hard to concentrate on the match without their long-time friend.

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Brie has had a lot of negativity directed to her over the past few days, but the likes of Gail Kim and Tommy Dreamer have stepped forward to state that accidents often happen in the ring. It is currently unknown how long Morgan will be sidelined for, but her match as part of the Australian Super Show-Down next weekend could be in question if she is unable to pass WWE’s concussion tests in time.