Luke Harper and Sin Cara Released By WWE

WWE has announced that two superstars, both who had allegedly asked for their release, are no longer with the company.

As of today, Luke Harper and Sin Cara have been released by WWE. The company released a statement announcing the release of both men.

Harper originally requested to be released back in April, and he had announced this via social media. His decision to make the request public was allegedly not taken well by the management. He had been out at that time recovering from wrist surgery and it was decided that his contract would be extended to make up for the time lost.

Despite extending Harper’s contract till early 2020, they hadn’t really been using him until he returned briefly in September to team with Erick Rowan for a while. WWE seems to since have decided against waiting for the rest of Harper’s extended contract to finish.

Sin Cara Tweeted about his own release about the same time the WWE did. Sin Cara who had requested his release last month, recently returned from having reconstructive knee surgery but had about three years left in his WWE contract.