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Luke Harper Returns To Action

Luke Harper made his WWE in-ring return during the March 9th live event in Rochester, NY.

Harper defeated Mojo Rawley in a 1-on-1 matchup.

In 2018, Harper was sidelined with an injury that caused WWE to dissolve The Bludgeon Brothers shortly after Rowan had also suffered a torn right bicep.

Harper is now a face (seemingly) which makes it clear that he will soon be confronting heel Rowan ahead of WrestleMania.

Kurt Angle Comments On Ronda Rousey’s New Heel Gimmick

Ronda Rousey turned heel last week on Monday Night RAW attacking Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in the process.

During a recent Q&A Facebook session, WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle was asked about his thoughts on the RAW Women’s Champion’s newfound heel gimmick.

“It’s great for Ronda. It shows her depth as a persona and her understanding of the business. Ronda will learn very quickly how to be a heel in the ring, which means she will be bumping a lot more than before. I’m looking forward to it.”

Mark Henry Reveals His Talk With Jimmy Uso Post-Detroit Arrest

6-time WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso was arrested and released on bond last month in Detroit shortly before Elimination Chamber.

On The Ross Report, WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry revealed the piece of advice he had given to Jimmy after the incident that also involved Uce’s wife Naomi.

“I don’t think he’ll be mad for me saying this, but I talked to Jon [Jimmy Uso]. He got arrested recently and I told him, ‘don’t hand your head. Everybody goes through struggles.’ I was like, ‘what you need to do now is to speak up for yourself and not let people create the narrative. Like, you let people know what it is.’

And just like we’ve all run into police officers that are overzealous sometimes, if you will. He was not at a point where he was being belligerent. He felt like his wife got talked to in a way that she shouldn’t have gotten talked to. We’re all going to stand up for our wives and our significant others.”