Main Event “Winners Take All” Mixed Tag Team Match Announced For WWE Extreme Rules

The feud between Rollins and Corbin is far from over

Image via WWE

Seth Rollins successfully retained his Universal Championship at Stomping Grounds, even after Baron Corbin pulled an interesting swerve and named Lacey Evans as the Special Guest Referee for the match.

Of course, Becky Lynch later came out and ensured that Evans wasn’t the reason that her boyfriend lost his Championship since she had already defeated The Sassy Southern Belle earlier in the night.

Sadly, the feud between these four stars is far from over. This week’s episode of Raw kicked off with Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch addressing their most recent challengers, before Corbin interrupted and Evans then attempted a sneak attack but this was later thwarted by the two Champions.

Evans and Corbin were then thrown out of the ring, which left the two stars to throw insults at the real-life couple before Corbin remarked that he would take Lacey Evans as his mixed tag team partner any day, which was a way to set up their match at Extreme Rules.

Rollins got cocky when Evans and Corbin started belittling him for needing his girlfriend’s help and accepted any stipulation that the former Constable of Raw wanted to add to the match, which was when he revealed that it would be a “Winners Take All” match with both the Raw Women’s Championship and the Universal Championship on the line in the main event.

WWE is definitely making Rollins work hard right now, since he now has to look over his shoulder for Brock Lesnar while he also ensures that Lacey Evans isn’t able to pin Becky Lynch since this would then mean that Corbin would take his Championship as well.

It’s an interesting stipulation to add to an Extreme Rules match and now it means that there are two matches that have been made official for the show on July 14th. The Undertaker will team with Roman Reigns against Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in the only other bout that has been announced as of writing.