Main Roster Star Expected To Make More Appearances For NXT

Luke Harper
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The Bludgeon Brothers are former SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but even though the duo successfully defended their Tag Team Championships against The New Day at SummerSlam, they went on to lose the titles to the trio a few days later on SmackDown Live.

It was later reported that the reason for this was because Erick Rowan had suffered a torn bicep in his match at SummerSlam and would be forced on the sidelines for up to eight months.

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The Bludgeon Brothers were not given a rematch and instead General Manager Paige announced that there would be a tag team tournament to crown new contenders for the titles and that culminates this week with a match between The Bar and Rusev Day.

Whilst Rowan is on the sidelines, it appears that WWE doesn’t want to do anything with Luke Harper as a singles star on the main roster, which could be why he made a shock appearance at an NXT live event last week when he challenged Ricochet for the North American Championship in a losing effort.

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According to Bryan Alvarez on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Harper appeared in his hometown of Buffalo, but he impressed a number of people in attendance and is expected to make many more appearances in developmental whilst he waits for Rowan to recover.

“They sent Luke Harper to NXT,” he said via RingSideNews. It’s not like he’s being sent down to NXT like he’s being demoted but he [Rowan] is on the shelf. They had him do the Buffalo New York show because he lives in Buffalo. They’re probably going to have him do some other NXT shows in the meantime.”

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Rowan’s injury came at a terrible time for The Bludgeon Brothers, but hopefully, they will find their way back to the top when he returns.