Major Confusion Towards The End Of AEW Fight For The Fallen

AEW is still in its early stages and need to fix such mistakes

Image via Twitter

AEW’s Fight for the Fallen had several great moments, especially in the tag-team division which was filled with amazing matches throughout. However, there were several imperfect moments, as is the case with any live show in the world! The women’s match at the start of the show had several botched moments, which could have been due to Britt Baker’s concussion.

Baker headed over to the wrong corner and looked to tag in Nakajima instead of Riho. Baker can be seen audibly shouting “wrong corner”.

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However, the major botch came towards the end of the show, when Kenny Omega and Shahid Khan, among others, came out to donate 150,000 dollars to charity, which they had generated from the event.

The final match between Cody-Dustin Rhodes and Young Bucks went for full thirty minutes and after the thirty-minute mark, the ending was seemingly rushed. The crowd was confused at the bizarre ending, and after such a long match, didn’t react properly to the ending.

After the match, Matt Jackson gave a promo, and during that, he was interrupted by several individuals who came out to present the cheque of 150,000 dollars.

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At several times, the group inside the ring wasn’t sure if they were on air or not, and this led to a confusing segment to end the show. At four hours, the PPV was the longest thus far from AEW, and the production towards the end left a lot to be desired.

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AEW is still in its early stages and need to fix such mistakes, and if they intend to be on national television live every week, they’ll have to make sure such miscommunications do no take place between the production crew and in-ring superstars.

Overall, the show was good and had several noteworthy moments, but such botches and hastily produced segments are quite unprofessional and will go a long way in deciding the reputation of AEW as a whole.