Major Grudge Match Announced For Hell In A Cell

Becky Lynch and Charlotte have been best friends ever since their time in NXT when they were two-quarters of the Four Horsewomen.

The Irish Lasskicker and The Queen have been able to work well together during their time on the main roster, but when Charlotte was added to Lynch’s Women’s Championship match against Carmella at SummerSlam, their friendship went out of the window.

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Charlotte left Brooklyn with the SmackDown Women’s Championship but in the process, she lost her best friend since Becky turned on her and stated that she wanted that Championship.

Over the course of the past few weeks, Becky has attacked Charlotte from behind and made it clear that there is now no love lost between the two former friends which could be why WWE has now announced that the two women are set to collide for the Women’s Championship at Hell In A Cell.

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Charlotte has quite a record at Hell In A Cell since she was able to defeat Sasha Banks as part of the first ever female match inside the structure but as of yet, it is unknown if Charlotte and Becky will be given the same opportunity next weekend.

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There was talk of the feud being so intense that the two women couldn’t even be in the same location for last night’s SmackDown which means that this could be building towards a Hell In A Cell match, which is definitely what Lynch deserves after pushing herself forward in the women’s division over the past few years.

There is still one more episode of SmackDown before Hell In A Cell which means that there is still time for this match to be added to the structure if that’s the route that WWE wants to take.