Mandy Rose Scores Another Magazine Cover, Torrie Wilson Gets Married, EC3 Wins And Loses 24/7 Championship Twice In Asia

Image via WWE

EC3 is now a three-time WWE 24/7 Champion

EC3 won the WWE 24/7 Championship twice this weekend during a WWE SmackDown tour of Asia.

He first won the title after pinning the then current champion R-Truth during a live show in Manila, Philippines on Friday evening. EC3 pinned R-Truth, who had been at ringside as the special guest announcer, after he lost a match against Chad Gable. He didn’t keep the title long as Truth pinned him shortly with help from Gable.

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During another live event on Saturday, this time in Shanghai, China, EC3 again won and lost the title to R-Truth.

These two wins make EC3 a three time 24/7 Championship. Meanwhile, R-Truth who holds the belt as of the writing of this article is now an 18 time 24/7 Champion.

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Torrie Wilson Gets Married

Torrie Wilson recently shared some good news on her Instagram.

The WWE Hall of Famer posted that she had gotten married in a small, private ceremony to Justin Tupper, who is the founder and CEO of Revolution Golf.

“I married the most incredible human today,” writes Wilson. “Just us and the doggies in Sedona.”

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Wilson also shared a photo of herself in her wedding dress with her new husband. Wilson had previously been married to another former WWE wrestler, Billy Kidman.

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Mandy Rose On Cover Of Maxim Australia

Mandy Rose, who is part of the tag team Fire and Desire with Sonya Deville, may have been unsuccessful in her attempt to be a woman’s tag team champion during Clash of Champions, but she’s enjoying some success as a cover model.

Rose has the cover of yet another magazine under her belt, this time the October 2019 issue of Maxim Australia.

Rose tweeted about the cover, stating that she was happy and honored to be featured by Maxim Australia.

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“This has always been a bucket list for me and a huge goal, I’ve always wanted to be on the cover of #MAXIM and it actually happened,” she writes.