Mandy Rose Talks About Tag Team With Dana Brooke, Reveals She Wanted to Work as a Singles Star

Mandy Rose recently showed up as a guest on Lilian Garcia’s podcast. Among other things, Rose talked about her pairing with Dana Brooke. For the past few weeks, both superstars are working as a tag team in WWE.

God’s Greatest Creation revealed that she wasn’t sure about her tag team with Brooke at first. Mandy thought that after beating Sonya Deville at WWE SummerSlam, the company would push her as a singles wrestler.

“I was a little bit, like, not discouraged to be in another tag team, but I was, like, worried, like, is everything okay? Did I not have a good match, or did something happen?”

She later said that WWE also didn’t provide clarity to her about her future and she was worried about it until the company spilled the beans and revealed their plans for Rose.

“We all know the plans change, you know, day by day. So, I was just… I wasn’t getting answers. I wanted clarity of, like, what’s going on. So, when they finally told us we were going to be in a tag team, I went, ‘Okay, good.’ It’s something, you know?”