Maria Kanellis Takes a Shot at WWE For Releasing Her During The Pandemic

Maria Kanellis was released along with her husband and a number of other stars back in April, since WWE wanted to cut their budget while the COVID-19 pandemic was on-going.

The former Impact Wrestling star had given birth to the couple’s second child merely two months prior to their dismissal and the company had told Kanellis that being a parent for the second time wasn’t a problem.

More than two months after her release, Maria took to Twitter today to take a shot at her old bosses for being the only company that released superstars during the current pandemic as well as releasing her just after giving birth for a second time.

Various reports since the wholesale WWE releases took place have made it clear that WWE could have still made a profit without making any budget cuts, but the company still decided that a talent cull was needed.

Maria hinted that she had more to say on this matter, which means that this could be discussed on the star’s new Podcast which is called Non-Essential Wrestlers.

Kanellis also tagged Non-Essential Family in the Tweet, so their podcast could be an interesting listen when it’s released later in the week.